About Us

We are the the trainers of the trainers!

Who we are

One of the fundamental factors that determines how great a country will be, is “Human Capital Formation”. This can be measured not only from physical capital but essentially from human development perspective.

It was in lieu of this that the former U.S President (Abraham Lincoln) said “Don’t wait for what your country will do for you, but what you will do for your country”.

It is in this realm that a group astute sharp professionals and intellectuals converged to set up a new school after lecturing for more than 7 yrs at various ICAN tuition providers so as to fill the areas of divergence of the existing schools. It is this filling of the gap that makes the young professional tutors to strategically think about new dimension style of lecturing and conducive environment for learning.

All these being introduced gave Password Professionals a competitive advantage in the industry. In a nutshell, the feedback from a questionnaire designed in May 2015 diet, our first diet, the analysis shows that 48%of our students came as a result of bulk SMS, 30% through referrals, 18% through friends while 4% is indifferent.

But in this ongoing diet (i.e. Nov 2015), the analysis using the same instrument of primary data collection, 64.3% of our students came as a result of referrals, 15% through friends,  19.7% through bulk SMS and 1% is indifferent. In this interpretation, note that among the methods used in creating awareness, referral is the key aspect because it measures if we have measured up to our customers’ expectations or not. The interpretation of the 1st Diet (May Exams 2015) Analysis shows that we are new entrant, though, already known but under an existing tuition centres. That is why the percentage of the referral was low as compared to bulk SMS.

Vision Statement

At Password Professional Tutors, we envision that ours will be a thriving, dynamic and inspiring accounting-training environment that produces self-directed learners and stimulates persons of all ages to trust in, invest in, and benefit from our practical training.

Mission Statement

The mission of Password Professional Tutors limited is to work in partnership with students, professionals and the community at large to ensure that each interested individual acquires the knowledge, skills and core values necessary to achieve personal success in the Accounting profession and to impact positively on the global world.